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 Light of a Lantern


Flicker explores Martin Luther King Jr.'s statement,
"Darkness cannot push out darkness,
only light can do that,"
through the fantastical adventure of
a lightning bug named, Flicker. 


Flicker is a lightning bug, the smallest and youngest of the warrior class of lightning bugs called, 'Lanterns,' who use their inner light called, 'Glimmer,' to forge organic armor and weaponry against the dark forces.
When the Roach Lord and his army attack, Flicker's light pouch is punctured in battle.  In Peril, he is rushed to Sanctuary Pond where a zen frog trained in the ways of healing saves Flicker, and goes on to teach Flicker about holding his light, and the true origins of the Roach Lord and the lightning bugs.
To face the Roach Lord and the darkness outside of him, Flicker will have to look to the light inside of him, and in doing so, he may find his light is much larger and more intertwined in the world than he could ever have imagined.  

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